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concerns regarding work load

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Monday, I sent an email to Roy expressing some concerns I have regarding
getting ipsra going. I wanted to cc this list, but didn't think the list
was up and running yet. I'm also cc'ing the ipsec list with this, in
case some folks that are interested in ipsra haven't had a chance to
subscribe yet. I've cut and pasted some of the text from my original
email below, with some contextual modifications.

I assume that we'll get an acceptable charter hammered out, and ipsra
will become a working group. I have no doubt that the security policy
working group will also go forward, and it will be a very substantial
undertaking. I have 2 concerns as a result: first, the policy group will
produce much important work, and so will be very involved and very time
consuming. This will impact upon Roy's ability to devote the required
attention to ipsra. Second, Roy has a bit of a stake in which remote
access mechanism we select, given that he has 2 drafts out detailing his
company's implementation.

While I don't think either of these issues should rule Roy out as chair
for ipsra, I would be much more comfortable if he had a co-chair who
could help with the workload, and who might openly entertain alternative
approaches. It may be that his proposed mechanisms will turn out to be
the best, but we need an open debate to determine this. I'd be willing
to co-chair with Roy if everyone is comfortable with this. If for some
reason this is not acceptable, then I'd like an opportunity to nominate
someone else.