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HASH(1) or no HASH(1)?

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Question on IKE Notify/Delete messages in Phase 2 Informational Exchanges,
to which I can't seem to find a reference to in the archives.

According to RFC 2407, page 21, "Note Bene:"a Notify payload is fully
protected only in Quick Mode".

However, RFC 2409, page 19, Section 5.7 ISAKMP Informational Exchanges,
"This protocol protects ISAKMP Informational Exchanges when possible" and
goes on to describe:

Initiator              Responder
---------              ---------
HDR*, HASH(1), N/D --> ...

So, which is it, should Info N/D's be HASH protected whenever possible or
not? I only ask because I'm finding a lot of (encrypted but
un-HASH-protected) Phase 2 INVALID PAYLOAD notify's coming back in response
to my HASH protected DELETEs.