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Re: 3DES with 40-bit key?

Jim Gillogly wrote:

> If you don't like the fact that you can't legally export it from the
> U.S., see your Congressman: . . .

Also check out GILC campaign to change Wassenaar:
> > > By the way, the "weak ciphers for US export" limit has been raised to
> > > 56 bits with a BXA review.
> >
> > I wonder... If I remember correctly what the Wassenaar agreement
> > stated, 56 bits was allowed for some uses, while still not allowed
> > for all possible uses.
> You can use 56 bits now for anything you used to be able to use
> 40 bits for, again assuming you've gotten the clearance from BXA.

And 64 bits for mass-market software. The Canadian gov't's page on this:


says (in point 13):

> [This 64-bit restriction] will remain in effect for two years and
> that the renewal of such controls for a successive period will require
> the unanimous consent of the Wassenaar Arrangement Participating States.

My guess would be this was a bone the US & others threw to countries
like Canada & others who wanted Wassenaar chamged much more this round.
Agree to 56/64 now and we'll review it in two years.
Methinks we should all be in touch withour various governments to make
certain this is not extended beyond the two years.