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Re: 3DES with 40-bit key?

>>>>> "Joe" == Joe Tardo <jtardo@freegate.com> writes:

 Joe> At 09:29 AM 3/29/99 +0300, Ari Huttunen wrote:
 >> Hi,
 >> Many of you will think this issue is braindead.  I agree. However,
 >> as I understand that from now on the only MUST IMPLEMENT algorithm
 >> for ISAKMP and IPSEC is 3DES, the issue of what to do with export
 >> control rises. So, assume that export control limits the key
 >> length to 40 bits. How would I specify and negotiate this with
 >> IKE?
 >> Ari Huttunen

 Joe> Well, assuming you mean *export from the U.S.* as I read the
 Joe> regulations it's ok to ship 56-bit anything.

 Joe> So why not just use 3DES with the three identical keys, which is
 Joe> identical to 56-bit DES?

Of course, that would just be DES.  Calling it "triple DES" sounds
like a false flag exercise.

You can't do that, anyway, unless you do manual keying.  If you want
56 bit keys, you need to implement DES, and you can only talk to other 
people if they are willing to implement DES.