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Re: IPSec IP Telephony:End to End or Segment

Henry Spencer writes:
> The PSTN is fairly secure against casual snooping, somewhat insecure 
> (at the ends) against knowledgeable snoopers, and completely open to 
> government agencies (and possibly others with plenty of cash).

I'm rather curious about what will happen when governments' legal 
wiretappability requirements for telecom carriers collide with RFC 
1984 and IP telephony secured with end-to-end encryption.  
This assumes the latter technology becomes widely used, which isn't a 
foregone conclusion IMHO.  How sturdy will the Danvers Doctrine be 
when (e.g.) the FBI wants CALEA-style call-content intercepts of IP
telephony sessions?  Maybe LEAs that can't resort to drastic methods 
will just be out of luck in the end.  But in the interim I expect 
they will try to map their PSTN wiretap capabilities into the IPTEL 

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