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RE: Commit Bit Processing

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> Subject: Re: Commit Bit Processing 
> > * Can the initiator set the commit bit in case of Quick 
> mode, because what
> > RFC says is, who ever sets the commit bit should send the 
> CONNECT notify,
> > and there is no point in sending the CONNECT notify along 
> with the third
> > message of quick mode.
> Again the RFCs are ambigous on this, but it only makes sense 
> as something set
> by the responder.

There are applications that want to consider using the commit bit
in both directions. One of the specific ones I've seen is for key
recovery. See <draft-kra-ipsec-isakmp-04.txt>, for example.

> The other ambiguity (from previous bake-off experience) is whether the
> initiator should reflect the COMMIT bit back in his final 
> message.  While
> there's no real value to it, there were implementations that 
> expected this,
> and so most implementations do so.
> Derrell

I agree that there's much confusion with this bit. (I would argue
that reflecting back the commit bit is wrong, since it implies the
initiator also wants to send a CONNECTED notification.)

I'll be releasing an update to the re-keying document within a week,
and the commit bit gets a fair amount of discussion in this document.