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Re: RSA claiming trademark on all uses of "RSA" to describealgor ithm

Waiting until this becomes a critical problem for all implementors does
not seem a prudent course of action.  The list has been shown documented
proof that RSADSI is initiating legal proceedings against those who use
the name of its algorithm.  Just because RSADSI may for the time being
politely overlook the IETF does not mean that this issue is not important
now.  In September of 2000 when no one needs a license for the algorithm
formerly known as "RSA", all of the implementors on this list will be in a
serious legal bind if the products have not already been modified for
this.  This means we need probably 6 months to get the change into the
drafts, and at *least* 6 months to hit everyone's product release cycles. 
I think the evidence we have been shown is clearly enough cause for us to
rename the algorithm here so that all implementors can use a common reference.

I don't think there is any one sacred name any of us would like to choose,
so I wonder if someone on the list would be willing to setup a web page
with a poll question on this giving perhaps the top ten choices and then
narrowing to the top 5 to select the name.  The name with the most votes wins.

Paul Hoffman wrote:
> I suggest that we wait until RSA sends a letter to the IETF or to
> individual IPsec implementors about this.
> --Paul Hoffman, Director
> --VPN Consortium

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