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RE: VPN Bakeoff question

Hi, Slava:

Yes, we would like to test XAuth with Radius/SecuredID.
Then, just wonder if we also have a chance to
test Radius/CHAP ?

Plus, is there any vendor to support IKE/CONF with or w/o Radius ?
Would like to know how to interoperate with your implementation ?

Thanks in advance for your info.

Leemay Yen
RapidStream, Inc.

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From: Kavsan, Bronislav [mailto:bkavsan@rsasecurity.com]
Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2000 8:19 AM
To: ipsec@lists.tislabs.com
Subject: VPN Bakeoff question

Is anyone interested in testing XAUTH, Hybrid Auth or CRACK using SecurID
tokens at the September bakeoff?

If there is enough interest - RSA Security will set up integrated ACE/RADIUS
server there and configure/distribute SecurID tokens to the participants of
the bakeoff.

Thank you,

Slava Kavsan
RSA Security Inc.