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We use an snmp mib for policy configuration, and I don't think it's all
that difficult to represent ipsec security policy in a mib. Ours is in
its first rev and definitely needs revision, but we do not expect this
to be troublesome as we advance. 

"Shriver, John" wrote:
> See the COPS-PR PIB for IPsec (draft-ietf-ipsp-ipsecpib-00.txt), and the
> work of the IP Security Policy working group.  This PIB should also be
> usable for SNMP, but it will not be an easy thing to use that way.  IPsec
> configuration rather stresses the expressive capabilities of SNMP, to say
> the least.  COPS-PR is probably a much better way to configure IPsec than
> Tim Jenkins and I have never had any intent of even trying to do IPsec
> configuration in our monitoring MIB efforts.  The very thought made us
> dizzy...
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> > Hi,
> > What are the latest drafts and/or RFCs on IPSEC and ISAKMP
> > MIBs (not monitoring MIBs) ?
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> > Ruchir
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