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Kerberized Key Management Protocol BOF, Wed, Aug 2, 0900-1130

The Kerberized Key Management Protocol (KKMP) BOF will be meeting in
South Room 10 from 0900-1130 tomorrow, Wednesday, August 2.  A short
description of KKMP follows.


KKMP is trying to create a standards track protocol to facilitate
centralized key exchange in an application independent
fashion. Participating systems will use the Kerberos architecture as
defined in RFC 1510 for key management and the KKMP protocol between
applications. The goal of KKMP group is to produce a streamlined,
fast, easily managed, and cryptographically sound protocol that is
flexible enough to be able to be extended for many applications.

The focus of the initial protocol will be keying IPsec security
associations as defined in RFC 2401. The working group may consider
means to key other protocols in the future, but the initial goal of
the KKMP working group is specifically targeted at producing a
streamlined and efficient keying mechanism for IPsec. The working
group will not be involved with, nor should it require changes to
either IPsec (RFC 2401), or Kerberos (RFC 1510).

       Derek Atkins, SB '93 MIT EE, SM '95 MIT Media Laboratory
       Member, MIT Student Information Processing Board  (SIPB)
       URL: http://web.mit.edu/warlord/      PP-ASEL      N1NWH
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