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Re: New draft-vlado-keep-alive-02

    There are now two drafts about how to do heartbeats/keepalives with
IPsec. Back in Adelaide, we were directed by our WG chair (who was directed
by the AD's) to build a compelling case for the need for keepalives before
the working group would take it up.
    I think that Vlado's problem description shows one huge motivation why
we should care about this, namely as an enabler for fault recovery. The
IPSRA group has also settled on a requirement that gateways must be able to
detect the disaperance of clients as an enabler to accounting. In my
estimation, these two motivations are each sufficient on their own to move
forward with a heartbeat/keepalive work. (It remains to debate how best to
do this) But I just wanted to state my opinion that I think this is valid
working group effort. Any one have other thoughts here????

Ricky Charlet

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> Hi,
>     This is my new version of the draft. I hope I addressed most of the
> issues of the previous one.
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