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> Howdy,
>     I'd like to survey for interest in developing an IPsec config mib for
> use with SNMP. We (redcreek) developed an enteprise mib for ipsec-cfg. Jari
> Arkko has posted that his company has also devleoped an ipsec-cfg mib and
> hints that he knows of others. Ruchir Malhotra started this thread by asking
> if an ietf ipsec-cfg mib existed.  So I ask the question, shall we develop
> an ipsec-cfg mib as an IETF document?
>  If it turns out that we do have sufficient interest to go forward on this,
> then I'd like to make several suggestions:
>  o we collect and direct an intereseted group at the ipsec meeting this
> thursday
>  o we involve people from snmp-conf
>  o we involve people from ipsec-policy
>  o (maybe) this effort should be handled under the ipsec-policy WG?

There is interest and yes, it is part of the IPSP WG charter. Jon
Saperia (co-chair) of snmpconf offered to find someone from that WG to
help editing the document. So if you want the job you got it. 


>     Of course, if there is not much interest in this direction, then
> nevermid.
> Ricky Charlet
> rcharlet@redcreek.com