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Re: Heartbeats Straw Poll

     | SGW 1 |                          +-------+ 
     +-------+------- Internet -------- | SGW 3 | 
     +-------+-------/                  +-------+ 
     | SGW 2 | 

     SGW = Secure Gateway 

"Derrell D. Piper" wrote:
>  >If SGW 1 dies SGW doesn't have a clue about the SPIs that SGW 3 is
>  >sending. How he will inform the other end?
> SGW2 could do a Main Mode under any Phase 1 policy that he has to SGW3 and in
> the process, tell him INITIAL-CONTACT.  No subsequent QM's would happen until
> the next packet hits SGW3.  You would want to rate limit this to prevent the
> obvious DoS attack on the receiving side.  Our product implements this and it
> works well.  (Of course, our clustered gateways have replicated IKE state, so
> this is a non-problem for most of our customers.)

Fine... but how does SGW3 know it has to negotiate new phase 2 SA's with SGW2 ? If the traffic is one way (from sgw3 to sgw1/2), SGW2 will never ask the right SA's to be re-created (how would SGW2 know what it could not decrypt)...

	frederic detienne

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