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Re: Heartbeats Straw Poll

Check out draft-ietf-ipsra-reqmts-01.txt.  Section 2.4 has the following

2.4 Accounting

   Accounting is used here to refer to the collection and reporting of
   connection status information by the IRAS. For remote access, the
   following accounting information is useful:

     o connection start time
     o connection end time
     o incoming octets (with respect to the IRAS)
     o outgoing octets (with respect to the IRAS)

   Note that the requirement for a connection-end-time attribute implies
   the need for a connection keep-alive mechanism of some sort so that
   the IRAS can accurately determine this quantity in cases where the
   IRAC does not explicitly terminate the connection. Also note that the
   keep-alive mechanism in this case is always directed from the IRAC to the


On Sat, 5 Aug 2000, Bill Sommerfeld wrote:

> > I would add a third reason for heartbeats/keepalives.  To be able to do accurate
> > accounting the SG needs to know within a reasonable time that the client has
> > disconnected.  
> I just re-read the ipsec and ipsra charters and saw no mention of
> accounting as required functionality..
> 					- Bill