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Re: Heartbeats Straw Poll

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Fanning <sfanning@cisco.com> writes:
    Scott> Thats a good idea, but from an implementation point of view, I am
    Scott> not sure if I like the idea of maintaining a timestamp for every
    Scott> packet (SA Used) through a tunnel.

  I can see that if you have a hardware forwarding plane, that this might
be a pain.

    Scott> I guess the problem I want to address with the heartbeats is
    Scott> dead-peer detection, and as a result do action
    Scott> foo. INITIAL-CONTACT does help in SADB sync'ing but is not
  You still have to maintain a timestamp for each heartbeat!

  If you have hardware forwarding plane, and it does LRU, then you can
just keep a stamp of the last time you had to load that SA. If you don't
have enough active connections to actually cause your hardware to cause
cache misses, you can push SAs out of your hardware on a roundrobin fashion
to see if this causes a miss.

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