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Re: Heartbeats Straw Poll

>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Vilhuber <vilhuber@cisco.com> writes:
    Jan> On Tue, 8 Aug 2000, Michael Richardson wrote:
    >>  In my opinion, IPsec heartbeats should just be ICMP ping requests,
    >> and the fact that any traffic is received is the "response".

    Jan> But remember that there are customers that want to bill based on
    Jan> traffic.  Having a heartbeat in the form of a ping through the SA

  Red-herring. That is called "Overhead".

  a) Does the customer pay for the ESP and IP outer frames? If so, then
	the cost of the ICMP ping will never show.

  b) Does the customer pay for IKE frames? If so, then the cost of the ICMP
	will never show.

  c) If the customer still has a problem, then turn off heart beats for that
	SA, and charge them extra for an "AlwaysOn" connection.
    Jan> artificially drives up the packet/bytes counts. Now all of a sudden
    Jan> you have to put more logic in to potentially not count these pings,
    Jan> but you probably do want to count pings that the customer sends.

    Jan> It's not QUITE as simple as merely sending pings...

  I disagree. It is.

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