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Re: Heartbeats Straw Poll

[long Cc list trimmed since everyone is already on the mailing list]

At 2:10 PM -0400 8/8/00, Skip Booth wrote:
>Regardless, there will be customers that want to bill
>for these services and the clients are going to demand accurate 
>accounting since
>it will cost them money.

This is not a requirement for heartbeats, I believe. This is a 
requirement for accounting. Heartbeats, as being discussed here, have 
the sole purpose of freeing up gateway resources as quickly as 
possible while not becoming "makedeads".

So far, the two gateway resources that have been best identified are 
state memory and IP addresses. Despite memory being cheap, we might 
want to conserve it if the process for conserving it is not too 
onerous. As for IP addresses, we don't need to be any more aggressive 
about them than the current protocol that uses them, namely DHCP.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--VPN Consortium