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IPsec tunnel and WIndows 2000 Terminal server

Hi all:
 My client got an interesting IPSec and WIndows 2000
terminal problem. Their client could connect to
windows 2000 terminal server through LAN connection
and PPTP tunnel. While connecting to the WIndows 2000
terminal server through IPSec tunnel, the client get
disconnected from server and server has event log
saying terminal server failed to issue a license to
I am not pretty sure what IPSec implementation my
client has in this case because I am not in the
security group in this project.
I just wonder if anyone in IPSec group ever heard
about any thing about connecting to Windows 2000
terminal server through IPSec tunnel. Any successful
or failed story?
By my rough guess, routing and IPsec policy did matter
in this case. Again, I did not have the chance to
check client's gateway to gateway IPSec configuration.
So I end up with bring this topic with rough
description and hope get reply from other about their
deployment of IPsec and any kind of compatibility with
windows 2000 terminal server ( running windows 2000
advanced server in application terminal server mode.)

Wen-Chi (Alex) Wang
Lucent Technologies, Networkcare NPS

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