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Re: Heartbeats Straw Poll

[this conversation really belongs on ipsra, not here..]

> Maybe I'm misunderstanding you. If you require dhcp to associate a
> specific cert-id with a specific address, you lose scaling capability,
> meaning you may as well statically assign the address. 

No, it's not quite that bad.  The way good dhcp servers work is that
if the address you last used hasn't been recycled when you come back,
then you get it back, otherwise you get a different free address from
the pool.  (DHCP over ethernet uses either the DHCP client id or the
client's MAC address for this)

The addresses are really free and available for reallocation to
someone else when you release them or when the lease expires, but the
server still retains the metadata about the last user of a freed
address so you might be able to get you your old one back.  

Ideally you do LRU recycling of the free address pool, so that, even
if, on average, an address is recycled many times a day, you're still
likely to get the same address back if you're only disconnected for a
few minutes..

						- Bill