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Re: Heartbeats Straw Poll

"Steven M. Bellovin" wrote:


> >Maybe I'm misunderstanding you. If you require dhcp to associate a
> >specific cert-id with a specific address, you lose scaling capability,
> >meaning you may as well statically assign the address. What seems more
> >reasonable is to associate a pattern (which the cert-id or whatever you
> >use matches) with an address *pool*, but in this case you have no
> >guarantee that the same address is reassigned in subsequent attempts,
> >and in fact, this is somewhat unlikely. This in turn implies that there
> >may be a window during which addresses become unavailable, but the
> >window size may be reduced by shortening the dhcp lease duration.
> >
> It's the behavior of DHCP server I'm referring to; see section 4.3.1
> of RFC 2131.  Briefly, DHCP servers have a pool of addresses that they
> hand out.  If a client with a valid lease requests an address, the old
> one SHOULD be handed back.  If the client had had an address, but it
> has expired, it SHOULD be given back to that same client if still
> available.  Or, if the client remembers its old address, it can request
> it specifically; again, it SHOULD be given that address if possible.
> But no, there is no one-to-one, static mapping of clients to addresses.
> And clients can do explicit DHCP Release operations to surrender an
> address if they're done with it.
>                 --Steve Bellovin

Boy, do I feel stupid... Thanks for the enlightenment, sorry for the