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RE: IV sizes for AES candidates


No disagreement on the points you raise. It still seems like something worth

-- Jesse

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alker, Jesse" writes:
>I share Helger's desire to at least consider counter mode for AES. Counter
>mode is an opportunity to gain better data privacy than CBC mode offers and
>perhaps better performance as well. The WG can fall back to CBC mode if
>scrutiny reveals counter mode is somehow inapplicable within ESP.

Counter mode appears to be one instance of a "seekable stream cipher", 
per draft-mcgrew-ipsec-scesp-00.txt.  As was discussed in Pittsburgh, 
there are a number of limitations, including the very strong 
requirement for authentication and the need for a flat-out ban on using 
it with manual keying -- if you don't use IKE, there's just too much 
risk of seeing two streams encrypted with the same key and counter.

		--Steve Bellovin