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Re: Heartbeats Straw Poll


Speaking of patents, you spoke of the one Nortel has on Keepalives. Could
you point us to the patent you were referring to?


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Subject: Re: Heartbeats Straw Poll

> >IMHO, a heartbeat protocol should run over a dedicated transport mode
> >Phase 2 SA whose selector is specific to the heartbeat mechanism. I
> >would allocate a new UDP port number specifically for the heartbeat
> >mechanism just so it can distinguished from all other user data. An
> >IPSEC peer that wants keepalives just has to create this SA using a
> >standard quick mode exchange. A peer that _doesn't_ want to accept
> >the heart-beat protocol can deny the quick mode request via its SPD.
> Why reinvent the wheel?  We have a protocol that already does this:
> IPsec transport mode SA, negotiated specifically for ICMP, between
> the two endpoint addresses.  No changes to IKE necessary, just a
> matter of policy on both sides.  Don't want heartbeats?  Don't set
> up the SA.
> Either side can initiate a ping anytime they want.  No need to
> negotiate intervals, or retry counts, or any of that.  Each side
> decides their own policy in this regard.  If the other side doesn't
> answer, delete the SA and any other SAs considered to be related.
> Since it's a separate SA, those who don't want to add the ping
> packets to their accounting records can choose not to do so.
> Rekey interval for the ICMP SA can be set as appropriate, if one
> wants to check on the health of the IKE SA on the other side.
> Simple.  Clean.  Effective.  Not covered by any patents I know of.
> Works.  Right?
> -Shawn Mamros
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