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Re: IKE proposal formation

>Suppose in a implementation IPSEC wants AH-MD5 and ESP-DES  SA to 
>be negotiated using IKE .
>The problem I am facing now is how to form an SADB_AQUIRE  ( PF_KEY )message
>indicating IKE that  AH-MD5 and ESP-DES have to be put in the same SA payload
>And both proposals should have same number

You can't. PF_KEY does not support bundles. Oh, there's been discussion about
fixing that on the PF_KEY list but right now it does not exist. For one of the ideas on
how to do it, see http://search.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-arkko-pfkey-reference-00.txt.
Other ideas have been discussed on the list, too.