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Re: Looking for info on ipsec passthrough (or passthru?)

"Strahm, Bill" <bill.strahm@intel.com> writes:
 > Ok, I looked it up and think I know what "passthru" is.
 > Getting IPsec through NAT is a VERY hard problem.  There isn't an easy way
 > of associating (on the wire) that a packet with an SPI of this value needs
 > to be demultiplexed to this destination because a packet with another SPI
 > went through the NAT gateway...

In the most recent IETF Pittsburgh meeting, there was actually a lot of
interest on this topic. To summarize:

  - In general case, IPsec that will pass through NATs will require _at
  least_ support from endpoints, and in many of the suggested solutions from
  other network components as well (both approaches were given good overview
  by Aboba/Dixon).

  - There are apparently ways to just make NAT compensate for some of the
  changes (as presented by Brustoloni). In this case, the
  example NAT was Linux's ipmasq suite.

  - Only presented approach for doing endpoint support was our draft

 > Passthru is one way of solving this, basically saying all IPsec traffic
 > flows through the NAT to this 1 destination.

Passthru is very ugly hack that doesn't work in European NAT cases at all
(when ISPs do NAT due to lack of sufficient address space, you can't just
have 1 NAT user _total_ at same time..).

 > Passthru is a hack until something like RSIP becomes a reality.

I _wish_ RSIP could become reality in short term. But realistically speaking:

  RSIP is based on the assumption that all network hardware will change just
  to accommodate it - which is the opposite of the assumption made with NAT
  deployment in the first place (=quick hack without changing

I (more realistically?) _hope_ that the deployment efforts will be spent on
IPv6 instead.

 > Bill


    I'd like to have some discussion on the topic in general on the
    list. The draft's version -01 will have a lot of changes based on input
    from various sources, but additional input is always welcome.

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