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Request - help needed

	about a month back, i had posted in this list about a project 
that i have undertaken as a part of my Masters. My functional 
specifications and the design specifications are done, and, 
i request the experts here to go through them, and help me in 
my efforts. 
	i am in IPSec for the past 2 - 3 months only, and, have learnt 
quiet a bit. with all your help, i was able to come up with 
the above documents.
	Please visit this page: www.geocities.com/freipsec - here you'll 
find those documents. 
	i've got certain doubts on my understanding of IPSec, please 
go through my Overview of IPsec, in which, i've depicted all 
my understanding of the protocol. 

Thanking you for all your help,

Arvind Devarajan
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