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Re: DH vs. RSA use for symmetric key exchange

"Khaja E. Ahmed" wrote:

> 1.) Can someone point me to either a discussion archive or other material on
> man in the middle attacks on IKE?

There's a brief discussion in the glossary for FreeS/WAN, a Linux IPSEC

Links at the top of that document point to other glossaries, including an
RFC Internet Security Glossary:


It gives:

  $ man-in-the-middle
      (I) A form of active wiretapping attack in which the attacker
      intercepts and selectively modifies communicated data in order to
      masquerade as one or more of the entities involved in a
      communication association. (See: hijack attack, piggyback attack.)

      (C) For example, suppose Alice and Bob try to establish a session
      key by using the Diffie-Hellman algorithm without data origin
      authentication service. A "man in the middle" could (a) block
      direct communication between Alice and Bob and then (b) masquerade
      as Alice sending data to Bob, (c) masquerade as Bob sending data
      to Alice, (d) establish separate session keys with each of them,
      and (e) function as a clandestine proxy server between them in
      order to capture or modify sensitive information that Alice and
      Bob think they are sending only to each other.

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