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IPSEC Agenda Topics

These are the only people who have sent me e-mail requesting time for
the San Diego IPSEC working group meeting.  

Please contact me ASAP if you have some additional topics you would like
to propose and lead for the working group.  (Notably missing from the
list are SNMP MIB and Son-of-IKE topics...)

						- Ted

Steve Kent 	15-20 minutes	extensions to IPSEC to accomodate
				higher speed nets, including a new
				AES-based mode


Markus Stenberg <mstenber@ssh.com>  5-10 minutes stenberg-ipsec-nat-traversal-01.. say 5min?

Ari Huttunen 	5-10 minutes 	draft-huttunen-ipsec-esp-in-udp-00.txt

Jayant <jshukla@trlokom.com>	5-10 minutes draft-shukla-ipsec-nat-qos-compatible-security-00.txt