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Re: Next IPsec & L2TP Bakeoff


At 02:10 02.12.00 +0200, Jari Arkko wrote:
 >* If such an event would be organized, would you be willing
 >   to travel to Europe for it? Would you have less or more
 >   engineers than in the last bakeoff?

I'd really appreciate such an event in Finland (the first bakeoff in
Europe?), also the suggested timeframe after the London IETF.

 >* What is the rough idea about things to test? IPsec/IKE? IPv6
 >  & IPsec & IKE (we'd be very interested in that)? L2TP? L2TP/PPP
 >  with real dial-in connections? Something else?

Hopefully, the freeSWAN-project moves forward with IPv6 integration into
the kernel until then - we'd have a great testing opportunity then... 

certificate-based stuff might also be an issue for interop testing (all
kinds of cert management protocols).


       Kai Martius
       secunet Security Networks AG, Dresden / Germany