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Re: [Re:] Re: Placement of IPSec...

Mr arvind..this may throw some more light on ur doubt...i m 
taking the contents from RFC2401 only....
3.3...b----read source code sentence...
"Bump-in-the-stack" (BITS) implementations, where IPsec is
implemented "underneath" an existing implementation of
an IP protocol stack, between the native IP and the local
network drivers. Source code access for the IP stack is not 
required in this context, making this implementation 
approach appropriate for use with legacy systems.  This 
approach, when it is adopted, is usually employed in hosts.

also i request to read appendix B.2 Fragmentation part of 
RFC2401 and read the note below it...which talks about 
IPSec implementation not integrated into an IP 

correct me if i m wrong
Thanks in advance