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No Subject

>Hi again. As Barbara said on Friday, we will have two documents for the 
>algorithms: the MUST/SHOULD/MAY document and a UI document. The UI suite 
>document is at 

A lot of people (I wasn't one of them) complained that IKEv1 was too hard to 
understand because you have to consult 3 different RFCs. One of the primary 
motivations of IKEv2 was to consolidate everything into one giant protocol 
description. But now for algorithms and ciphersuites, we seem to have no 
problem with creating extra documents at the last minute.

I'm just wondering... was there a straw poll or a discussion where WG 
members expressed their preference for two documents? (I don't remember 
one.) If this is simply a matter of Paul and Jeff not stepping on each 
others' toes, couldn't there just be one document with 2 authors?

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