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draft-ietf-ipsec-doi-tc-mib-07.txt and friends

Hi John,

Ted and I have been, once again, digging back into the status of 5 of the MIB documents and would like to see us once and for all get these documents put to bed.  We've seen and read the thread concerning draft-ietf-ipsec-doi-tc-mib-07.txt. Everything seems to have come to a halt after Mike Heard posted his summary MIB doctor comments on April 28. This document is referenced in the an IPSP document so we need to somehow resolve the issues surrounding it,  which is why there is such a wide distribution on this message.  First question is, are you willing to continue to work on this document as the editor? Second, it seems there has been some difference of opinion between you and Mike. One comment made was that some of the difficulties arose from this document being looked at in isolation of the other related documents. This brings me to a question. Every time Ted and I have asked if anyone is implementing these MIBs, there has been total silence leading us to believe nobody is implementing them. Paul Hoffman has kindly resubmitted draft-ietf-ipsec-ike-monitor-mib-04.txt,  draft-ietf-ipsec-isakmp-di-mon-mib-05.txt, and draft-ietf-ipsec-monitor-mib-06.txt for us in the new format, and if he, or someone else is willing to take them on, we could continue to progress all of them.  If that's what folks want to do. On the other hand, we could also choose to progress only the document that Hilary's group needs and drop the other three due to lack of interest/implementation.  It's also fair to remind folks that these are all IKEv1 MIB docs.

All this boils down to the following:
1. Are you willing to continue to edit draft-ietf-ipsec-doi-tc-mib-07.txt?
2. We need to come to agreement on what changes are needed, that is we must address the MIB doctor comments.
3. Are we going to continue to support draft-ietf-ipsec-ike-monitor-mib-04.txt,  draft-ietf-ipsec-isakmp-di-mon-mib-05.txt, and draft-ietf-ipsec-monitor-mib-06.txt? If so, who's willing to take on the document editor job? And, more importantly, how do we decide what changes are needed to them.

I feel like we're living in Ground Day with these MIB docs. We keep living the same thing over and over. Let's please get to the end :-)

Barb and Ted