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Editorial: Use of | instead of , for concatenation

Hi again. In section 2.14 of draft-ietf-ipsec-ikev2, it says:

    SKEYSEED and its derivatives
    are computed as follows:

        SKEYSEED = prf(Ni | Nr, g^ir)

        {SK_d, SK_ai, SK_ar, SK_ei, SK_er}
                  = prf+ (SKEYSEED, Ni | Nr | SPIi | SPIr )

    (indicating that the quantities SK_d, SK_ai, SK_ar, SK_ei, and SK_er
    are taken in order from the generated bits of the prf+).

The parenthetical statement after the equations show that the list 
"{SK_d, SK_ai, SK_ar, SK_ei, SK_er}" is really concatenated. That 
list should instead be shown as "{SK_d | SK_ai | SK_ar | SK_ei | 
SK_er}" to make it clearer that this is not a bunch of arguments but 
a stream of octets.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--VPN Consortium