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RE: Editorial: Use of MAY in draft-ietf-ipsec-ikev2-algorithms

> Me too.  With a statement that keys weaker than a certain 
> level (say, 128 bits although 96 is probably enough) SHOULD 
> NOT be used, I can live with DES being demoted to a SHOULD NOT.
> Still, I think that DES fits better with the definition of 
> MAY: "One vendor may choose to include the item because a 
> particular marketplace requires it or because the vendor 
> feels that it enhances the product while another vendor may 
> omit the same item."

We need to write requirements that have a reasonable lifetime;
keep in mind how long the MUST for DES survived.  DES is already
embarrassingly weak, and will only get weaker.

In the algorithms draft, I'd like to see:
	- SHOULD NOT use keys shorter than 128 bits
The latter is about key length, not effective strength of the
cipher against best known attack.

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