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Re: Implementing an IPsec MIB? Advice/Opinions sought?


Sometimes SNMP is not a that simple protocol...

As of rules, you should not implement part of mibs, and should not add/change
definitions of drafted/documented mibs.

For your problem, i reckon the best approach (especically for a single object as
you require) would be to add an object somewhere in your enterprise private OID tree.
(If you already have for exemple a list of active/inactive services). There are no
requirement of implementing any MIB object to be able to implement another .

On Fri, Jun 13, 2003 at 10:02:55AM +0100, Brookes, Stuart P wrote:

> Hi,
> I am fairly new to SNMP & MIBs.  I need to add a new read-only MIB object
> that will inform whether IPsec is enabled or disabled...
> I think the IPsec Monitoring MIB is too low-level for what I require.  So I
> have looked at the IPsec Flow Monitoring MIB draft document.
> Because I am new to this, I'm not sure exactly what I have to implement.  I
> have been asked if it possible to just implement some sort of single MIB
> object that will display whether IPsec is enabled or disabled? Is this
> possible?  Do I have to implement various other MIBs in order to do this?
> As a result, in terms of documentation, where are these MIB objects stored?
> I was presuming they are placed under the IP Group of MIB objects, am I
> wrong? If so, where should they be located?
> I hope this is not to basic and I am not asking stupid questions.  As I say,
> I am pretty much learning as I go along...
> Regards
> Stuart


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