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Re: Comments on draft-ietf-ipsec-rfc2402bis-03.txt based on SENDWG experiences


itojun@iijlab.net wrote:
> 	draft-ietf-send-ipsec-00.txt section 7 looks like a totally new protocol
> 	proposal (not a new algorithm) to me.  AH needs to fall into what is
> 	defined in RFC2402, and draft-ietf-send-ipsec-00.txt goes far beyond
> 	what defined in RFC2402.

I more or less agree with you.  In fact, I have proposed moving
the keying material into a separate header, as I have explained
in length in other messages.  If such a change is made, the role
of AH would be within the purpose of RFC2402, IMHO.

This issue will be discussed in Vienna; we've reserved time
for it at the SEND WG meeting.  See the proposed WG agenda
at the SEND ML.

Now, independent on that, the newest version of the said draft
is draft-ietf-send-ipsec-01.txt

--Pekka Nikander