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Re: IKEv2 payload #14

Thanks, Richard.  Does anyone else have concerns about this?  It seems to 
me that the options are (assuming there are any options this late in the game):

    1. Leave the spec as it currently stands with conflicting use of payload
       14 and changed structure definitions of a number of other payloads.

    2. Move TSi to another number and leave payload 14 reserved in IKEv2.

    3. Move any conflicting payload definitions to new numbers in IKEv2, but
       don't change the ones that have not changed in structure.

    4. Make all IKEv2 payloads have numbers distinct from those in IKEv1, 
       regardless of whether the structure or meaning has changed.

I would very much like for IKEv2 to use option (3).  (4) is perhaps overkill,
but I could be convinced otherwise.

> >>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen C Koehler <koehler@securecomputing.com> writes:
>     Stephen> context.  I think it would be better to leave payload 14
>     Stephen> reserved in IKEv2. 
>   I'd like IKEv2 to use all payloads that are entirely different in #.
Steve Koehler