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IKEv2 last call: editorial request

Section 3.10.1 specifies tunnel/transport mode negotiation as:

USE_TRANSPORT_MODE                       24585

            This notification MAY be included in a request message that
            also includes an SA requesting a CHILD_SA. It requests that
            the CHILD_SA use transport mode rather than tunnel mode for
            the SA created. If the request is accepted, the response
            MUST also include a notification of type USE_TRANSPORT_MODE.
            If the responder declines the request, the CHILD_SA will be
            established in tunnel mode. If this is unacceptable to the
            initiator, the initiator MUST delete the SA. Note: except
            when using this option to negotiate transport mode, all
            CHILD_SAs will use tunnel mode.

Please add:

		Note: The ECN decapsulation modifications specified in
		Section 2.24 MUST be performed for every tunnel mode SA
		created by IKEv2.

This complements the forward reference from 2.24 to 3.10.1.


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