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Re: IKEv2 payload #14

Stephen C. Koehler writes:
>     3. Move any conflicting payload definitions to new numbers in IKEv2, but
>        don't change the ones that have not changed in structure.
>     4. Make all IKEv2 payloads have numbers distinct from those in IKEv1, 
>        regardless of whether the structure or meaning has changed.

I would say number 3 or 4 are good. Actually I think 4 is better. 

> I would very much like for IKEv2 to use option (3).  (4) is perhaps overkill,
> but I could be convinced otherwise.

BTW, this is not only about the paylaod number 14, the payload numbers
15, and 16 are used by the draft-ietf-ipsec-nat-t-ike-06.txt for IKEv1
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