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Re: AHbis comments

At 4:04 PM -0400 6/16/03, Black_David@emc.com wrote:
>Here are a couple of transport related comments on
>draft-ietf-ipsec-rfc2402bis-03.txt .  These have no
>effect on the specified processing - they're mostly
>about updating the explanation and references.
>Section describes the TOS field in the IP
>Header as mutable (that's correct) and says:
>        TOS -- This field is excluded because some routers are known to
>    change the value of this field, even though the IP specification
>    does not consider TOS to be a mutable header field.
>That's no longer correct.  The TOS field has now been
>replaced by a 6 bit DS field (contains a Diffserv
>codepoint) plus a 2 bit ECN field, and both are defined
>to be mutable.  RFC 2780 and RFC 3168 should be cited
>as the basis for this, and possibly also RFC 2474.  The
>same 6 bit DS + 2 bit ECN structure applies to the IPv6
>(Traffic) Class field (section, which
>has always been mutable, as the same RFCs specify it.

Thanks for the corrections.  We obviously didn't look closely at this 
part of the document when we edited the rest.  We will make the 
appropriate changes.