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I have no idea what happened to my original message that transformed 
it into the long, continuos string of text that was distributed to 
the list. Needless to say, it didn't look like that when I sent it! 
Anyway, here it is again, with more reasonable formatting, and a 
couple of edits.

In anticipation of several proposed changes to RFC 2401, I would like 
to suggest a few additional payloads to be added to IKE v2. Paul 
Hoffman sent me a nice, private note suggesting that I needed to do a 
much better job of describing, and motivating the changes I 
suggested. He's absolutely right. And, while I was away on a business 
trip (after my vacation caused me to miss most of the last call 
comment period), David Black provided excellent clarification for one 
of my suggestions and Mark Duffy and radia raised some questions 
about the need/use of QoS selector. So, let me try again.  I'll split 
the message into separate parts, one per topic, to make it easier to 
deal with each thread.