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Re: Suggested wording for weak key lengths in IKEv2

At 4:38 PM -0400 6/26/03, Henry Spencer wrote:
>On Thu, 26 Jun 2003, Paul Hoffman / VPNC wrote:
>>  As noted on the list, not everyone agrees that the effective strength
>>  of TripleDES is 112 bits, given differing values for amount of RAM
>>  and so on. I think it is better to just leave it as "effective
>>  strength" and let folks decide what that means.
>NO NO NO NO NO!  That means we have a standard which means different
>things to different people, and nobody can tell which interpretation is

Ah, a return to calm discussion about simple topics. :-)

>If the problem is that people don't agree on 3DES's "effective strength",
>then get rid of those words, and say something people can understand and
>agree on, like "minimum 100 bits".

I'm fine with this as well.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--VPN Consortium