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Correction Notice about ParaTranspo Meetings

   As some of you probably noticed by now, I posted incorrect information
   to this list as I simply took it off the Disability SIG.  There are
   in fact two distinct meetings in the next week regarding cuts to
   ParaTranspo.  On Monday, the 20th, at 7:30 PM, there is a local all
  candidates meeting at the Regional HQ at 111 Lisgar St.  This is
  co-sponsored by the Ottawa-Carleton Independent Living Centre and
  activists are encouraged to raise the issue of massive cuts to
  ParaTranspo.  This is *not* at Hintonburg Community Centre.  That
  meeting is specifically on the cuts to ParaTranspo and takes
  place on the 22nd, Wednesday, at 7 PM at 1304 Wellington St.,
  Hintonburg Community Centre.  I encourage progressives to attend
  either or both these meetings.  I regret the error and confusion
   concerning the times/locations.

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