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this Thursday! - Vigil for UN

Second Worldwide Vigil for the United Nations

On the eve of United Nations Day, SUPPORT the UN and PROTEST the ongoing
financial crisis!

Thursday, October 23rd, 1997, at 7:30 p.m. Gather at the InfoCentre, on
the corner of Wellington & Metcalfe

The United Nations Association in Canada (UNA-Canada) and the World
Federalists of Canada are jointly organizing a candlelight vigil on the
eve of October 23rd at 7:30 p.m. (the day before UN Day) to demonstrate
support for a stronger and more effective United Nations, and to protest
the financial crisis at the UN which daily compromises its capacity to
work effectively.

The vigil will protest the delinquency of the debtor states and urge
governments to increase their commitment to the UN and to pay their UN
dues in full, on time and without condition. This event is open to the
general public and a cordial invitation is extended to everyone to

The candlelight vigil is part of a second Worldwide Vigil for the United
Nations, in response to a call from the World Federation of United
Nations Associations, the World Federalist Movement and the Global
Policy Forum.

Last year, the first worldwide vigil was held in thirty-two cities
around the globeincluding Tokyo, Penang, Bombay, Rome, Santo Dominigo,
Ottawa, New York and San Francisco. Thousands of citizens participated
in candlelight vigils, marches, meetings, and other creative activities,
organized locally by many dozens of cooperating groups.

That vigil was a great success. But today, the threat to the future of
the UN continues. We must again express our support and concern,
powerfully and visibly.

Join us on October 23rd, in a second Worldwide candlelight vigil, that
will make a forceful statement that the media, politicians and the
public, cannot ignore.

For more information on the Ottawa Vigil, contact UNA-Canada at (613)
232-5751, ext. 227, or the World Federalists of Canada at (613)

To learn more about this event and others, visit http://www.unac.org
(UNA-Canada) or http://www.web.net/~wfcnat/WFC.html (World Federalists)

Al Banner                                 banner@freenet.carleton.ca
United Nations Association in Canada, National Capital Region Branch
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----- WWW  <http://www.ncrb.unac.org/> or "go unac" on the NCF------

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