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Saturday Nov. 1: Protest at Loblaws, 363 Rideau St, Ottawa

Protest at Loblaws, 363 Rideau Street, Ottawa
* Saturday November 1, 1 pm (rain date Sunday)

On November 1, join the protest outside Loblaws at 363 Rideau St. in
Ottawa. Why Loblaws? It's a Weston company, and Weston supports logging in
Ontario's old growth forests. Weston controls forest products companies
such as E.B. Eddy*, which use wood from Temagami, Algoma Highlands,
Algonquin Park and other wilderness areas. Join the protest, and ask
Weston to "Save our forests!". 

[* Weston has announced that it is "selling" E.B. Eddy; however, what they
havn't said unambiguously is how much of E.B. Eddy they are selling. It is
possible that Weston will retain control over E.B. Eddy.]

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