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Nuclear Weapons Prohibition vote

In a couple of weeks time, the UN will vote on a resolution to prohibit
nuclear weapons.  Please fax Axworthy asking that Canada support this
What follows is a sample fax, including appropriate fax#

    ================= Begin forwarded message =================

    From: edshaff@netserver.web.net ("Edward H. Shaffer")
    Subject: Fax to Axworthy
    Date: Sat, 01 Nov

    Below is a fax I sent to Axworthy in my capacity as president of the Lower
    Mainland Branch of Veterans Against Nuclear Arms. I suggest that everyone
    who can send similar messages by fax, phone or mail. Ed Shaffer
    The Honourable Lloyd Axworthy 
    Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Fax #: 613-996-0461
    Dear Mr.  Axworthy:
    	I want to congratulate you on your initiatives to obtain an international
    land mines treaty.  I  also hope that you will take the leadership in the
    campaign to abolish nuclear weapons.
    	As you undoubtedly know, Malaysia introduced a resolution to the General
    Assembly on October 29, calling upon all states to immediately commence
    "multilateral negotiations in 1998 leading to an early conclusion of a
    Nuclear Weapons Convention prohibiting the development, production,
    testing, deployment, stockpiling, transfer, threat or use of nuclear
    weapons and providing for their elimination."
    	Following in the footsteps of the land mines treaty, Canada should support
    this resolution and work with Malaysia and the other sponsors to bring
    about such a Nuclear Weapons Convention.
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