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Meeting: MAI? Tell us why, national campaign

Continuing our series of meetings on the Multilateral Agreement on
Investment, this time again at 7pm Tues., 238 Simard Hall, Ottawa U. All

Campaign now begins in earnest: 

- Government has declared snap MAI hearings, a complete sham, only 36 hours
for public, how shall we respond? Protest, alternate hearings, other ideas.
A draft statement posted at www.flora.org/mai-not. 

- MAI? Tell Us Why. Our campaign to hold MPs accountable. Discuss Flier/MP
letter, it's almost ready for Global Teach-in in T.O.

- National campaign mailing: discuss contents, who should receive it.

- Oct MAI draft leaked by NZ government! Other resources.

- Maude Barlow, Tony Clarke, MAI book launch

Bring your questions, ideas for action. See you there!

For info call OPIRG-Carleton at 520-2757. 
Terry Cottam, MAI-Not! Project
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