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Teachers Stike : Calendar for Nov. 5-6

>Wednesday, Nov. 5
>7:30 to 8:30  parent picket in front of Churchill school
         345 Ravenhill Ave. (near Churchill and Richmond)

11:00 to 12:00  all teachers to courthouse!
           corner of Laurier and Elgin
           all welcome

 Thursday, Nov. 6

 4:30   picket in front of Ottawa Board of Education offices to protest
motion to reopen schools selectively (note: TBC)
           330 Gilmour St.

5:00  Special OBE board meeting to consider above motion

 7:30  Public forum on Bill 160 and Teachers ' Protest
          sponsored by Alex Cullen
           speakers include:  John Crump, Coalition for Public
 Carola Lane, Director of Education, OBE; Janet Fader, President, OSSTF
 District 26

 Look ahead:

 Friday, Nov. 7

 a.m.  parent picket at Elgin Street school (note: TBC)

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