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Bob White speaks on MAI

For those in Ottawa, 

This afternoon, 3:30pm, Rm 308 West Block, the MAI (Multilateral Agreement
on Investment) hearings continue with Bob White giving testimony. 

To get in, call your MP's office and say "I wish to be sponsored by my MP
to attend today's MAI hearing." They will add your name to the list. It's a
good exercise, it's their job, it lets your MP knows there's interest.

When you get there, say, "I am attending the International Trade hearings."
They will sign you in. (If they ask, tell them your MP sponsored you.)

Every day the room may change. Call or email the clerk Richard Rumas (613
996-1664, rumasr@parl.gc.ca) for latest room # and dates. If no response,
go through your MP (in the Canadian Government Blue Pages under "Members of
Parliament". Bill Blaikie's office is also helpful: 995-6339,
blaikb@parl.gc.ca.) It's still scheduled for Mon, Tues and Thurs last two
weeks of this month, ending on the 27th. They probably all are 3:30-5pm.
This means that public testimony is probably a grand total of 10 hours.

I will confirm this info as I find out more. But what we all want to do is
to stuff the seats to overflowing. This will be a daily, tangible reminder
to the hearing organizers that 10 hours is not enough.

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