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Fwd: Human Rights Wkshp

The Global Education Network presents a workshop on Human Rights
All are welcome!!  Please post this wherever you think students mights have

When:  Tuesday, November 11, 4:30 p.m.
Where:  The Stone Angel, 314 Lisgar (near Bank)
What:  "Getting Students Involved in Human Rights Campaigns"

Presentations include:  (Resource materials will be available as well.)
-Amnesty International - Prisoners of Conscience Letter Writing Campaigns for
Junior, Intermediate and Senior Students; Organizing an AI Club in your school
-Peace and Development/Paix et Developpement (Carl Hetu) - Human Rights in
Peru, The Indigenous Movement for Human Rights
- The Struggle to get a public inquiry into the shooting of Dudley George at
- Guatamalans in Exile - After the Peace Accord - What Next?
- The East Timor Action Alert Network (speaker still to be confirmed but
resources materials should be available)
(- Possibly an analysis and informal discussion of Bill 160 as it relates to
Human Rights in Ontario?!)

If you haven't already subscribed to the series ($25) admission is $5 ($3 for
students).  Light refreshments are provided.  
 For more info phone 237-5154 or email Letitia_Charbonneau@ocebe.edu.on.ca

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