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FROM:     Mark Jowett
SUBJECT:  Quality of Life (QLN) Group - Meeting
DATE:     November 17, 1997
TIME:     7pm
LOCATION: Richmond Room, Regional Municipality of
          Ottawa Carleton Headquarters (RMOC)
                        111 Lisgar Street

The November 17th meeting of the Ottawa Quality of Life
Group will be centred around our very own Brian Gibb and his

A brief description of his presentation follows:
As we head into the next millennium, Canadians have reason for
concern. The nation is falling apart. The result of the last 
referendum in Quebec indicates that the continued viability of
the nation cannot be taken for granted.

At the heart of the national unity crisis is something larger than
the cultural differences between English Canada and Quebec. In
short, our system of governance, born in the Industrial Age, does
not have the wherewithal to thrive in the turbulent world in
which we now find ourselves.

In the past, we could simply transfer the responsibility of making
our collective decisions to a ruling elite. If we continue down
this path, the nation will surely meet its demise because our
system of governance is far too authoritarian to enlist the
collective intelligence, creativity, and drive of most Canadians.
Moreover, those who have been entrusted with the responsibility
of being stewards for the nation have been co-opted by a
corporate agenda and are following an ideology that is
diametrically opposed to what it means to be Canadian.

In his talk, Brian will give an overview of where we are coming
from, where we are now, and what changes we need to make to
our system of governance to ensure that our nation will be
sustainable well into the next century.

In brief, we need to abandon the command and control structures
that govern this land as well as the belief that isolated
individuals acting to maximize their self interest can lead to the
greater good.  Instead, we should restructure the nation so that a
networked intelligence informed by ecological thinking can

Brian will be using a story telling format: a brief story of how
this text came together, an overview of some of the stories that
are told that situate us where we are now, and the introduction
of a new story that attempts to retell an old tale in a new way.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

NOTE: The Richmond Room seats about 30 people.

Best Wishes

Mark Jowett

Mark Jowett
The QLN Network
25 Gilmour Street
Ottawa, Ontario 
Canada K2P 0N1 
Tel:  (613) 594-8503
Fax: (613) 569-7512
e-mail: symbiot@istar.ca
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